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Interesting phenomenon

Ok here goes.

It seems every time i fall asleep on a coach i wake up struggling asthma-wise i can be totally fine on the coach if i'm awake doesn't matter how long the journey is but if i fall asleep, when i wake up i'm struggling. I thought i'd out-smarted my body today LOL cos i didn't wake up coughing and spluttering, unfortunately within minutes i wasn't ok but thankfully a couple of reliever puffs got it under control.

Just thought i'd share

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hey jinglfairy

I would go see you gp asap and see if they can change you meds to help or refer you to hospital ect or give asthma uk a call

hope this helps

take care

Matt :)


Is it only the sleeping on a coach that's a problem? So a car or train would be ok? Could it be the recycled air inside the coach, or the angle at which you sleep on a coach ( I usually adopt the head back, mouth gaping open, embarrassing when you wake up position!!!) Maybe you mouth breathe which in turn dries you airways?

Very odd, who said asthma is predictable!!!


cheers butterfly not sure i can test your theory cos i VERY rarely get a train other than a quick pop into town and i can't remember the last time i was a passenger in a car for long enough that i might want to sleep - its an interesting thought though

I'll have to test out the idea of pre-treating as i do before exercise. I've started going out with a walking group once a month and our journey is usually a couple o hours and i often sleep on the way back. Next month i might try a couple of puffs when i get on the coach after the walk - see if i can outsmart my stupid lungs that way LOL


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