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multi dosing

after seeing this video it raised a few questions for me....

if ur having an asthma attack do you just shove 10 puffs into the spacer and take as this video shows


do one puff at a time also using the spacer?

we have always done one puff at a time, but does doing 10 puffs in a oner get more medication in quicker than 10 separate puffs?

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When I had my spirometry done at the gp, the nurse did about 4 puffs at a time (I saw a mist leak from the spacer, not a good sign) ....she also only waited 2-3 minutes before repeating the test,so I'm not convinced she did it right!

Myself, I do one puff at a time, shaking between actuations as per the inhaler instruction, well as best as I can when struggling!!


wonder why they are doing it this way? as in 10 puff at goes against everything I have been just interested to see why as I know of a few folks who have been advised to do this too.


My GP recommends 10 puffs in one go in an emergency, but I find it catches my throat and can make me feel worse. I tend to do 4, wait a couple of mins then repeat etc. Tbh though if Im no better after about 12 puffs, and Im at home, I go with the neb, and during a 'proper' exacerbation I use the neb 4 times a day and avoid the puffer as far as I can, I find it far gentler on my throat/chest.


frustrating that conflicting advice is given.

Think I will stick to what I know and do one puff at a time unless advised otherwise.


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