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Make hospital playareas

Ok, idea came to me from conversation with Philomena. I think that hospital needs to be more awesome, because then i'd be much more willing to go there! My local A&E does have a jungle room in Majors, but the only time i got to go in there i got moved round to resus within about 3mins, it was annoying! So what would you do with unlimited budget (and with limited conern about medication delivery) to make hospital more fun!! My ideas:

Fake goldfish in bags of IVs

Beds made into Boats or cars so you get to feel like a racer when wheeling about hospital

Those thermometers that they just point at your head made to look like guns

any ideas??

(ps im really tired and trying to avoid little green men so may have gotten silly)

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I like the sound of this...

What about peak flow meters that blow out bubbles when you use them.


OMG yes!!!! thats sooo worth the money it would cost!!!


I love the IV bags!

The staff should have novelty costumes too, just for a laugh


If we're doing costumes they should reflect the personality of the doc/nurse/whatever!! Although the costumes should be decided by patients!! (i can imagine a few Stalin/Hitlers/T-rex's!!) lol!

All phlebotmists should be vampires!!

I also think they should be able to add some kind of coloring (like food colouring, but non allergenic ones) to IVs so you can pick what colour it will be, like when you get a cast!!


Have a room with the decoration of your choice, like the beach or mountains and special effects so that you think you are there :p

I like this thread :-)


hehe loving the idea of the costumes. Trying to think of a famous character who doesn't listen to what people say - any ideas? Because that would be the costume for quite a few of them!

There should defnitely be bubble things (good for breathing training!)

Also a range of chocolate - maybe a chocolate fountain?

Also - for outpatients - there should be scooters at the main entrance so you can zoom to your appt (My local - another reason to be glad not to go there - makes you walk for ages and up and down stairs to get to the chest clinic!)

Oh and there should be an adult-sized playground - nothing too strenuous of course but they could have people on tap to push the swings if you're too breathless to do it yourself.

And I recently saw this thing for kids which is like a swimming/paddling pool with little dodgem boats - definitely an adult-sized version of that! I was so jealous of these kids!


hehe loving the idea of the costumes. Trying to think of a famous character who doesn't listen to what people say - any ideas? Because that would be the costume for quite a few of them!

Maybe we could dress them up like the kids in Willie Wonka's chocolate factory (except for Charlie who did listen).?


this could work :-)

ps yes there is a dinosaur eating my saline...thats a thing i do.....


You guys rock! I want to visit your hospitals! Why haven't people thought of such things to make hospitals less scary for kiddos?!


For me a hospital with enough pillows a duvet and free TV would be enough!


ooh they should have crafts rays like they have on pediatric wards ( or at least did the one time I stayed in one as a kid) with stuff you can do that low energy so your lungs dont get stroppy but stop you getting bored! but maybe more cool than just drawing and cut and stick so like bracelet making and play dough and those wood puzzle things that take forever.

I love the idea of fake fish in iv bags. the staff would be able to see whether you were running low if fish went past certain point!

CHOCOLATE! Maybe we should get star charts where if you behave and do all your treatment properly you get stars and stars = chocolate you can either excahnge for small choc or save up for more epic choc!


How about having each ward a different theme.

For example. Respiratory wards could be done out like Star Trek theme and have loads of Teleports so when feel we want to escape......


Hehehe! they should be real teleports so we can escape and then just nip back in when we're dying without anyone noticing :-) And, wehn i'm trying to do 24hrs without nebs so i can go home, i an wear darth vadar mask and they will never notice a thing....... :-)


Beth - that's it! Ohh that would be amazing :) And if they're nice and do listen they get to dress up as Charlie.

Asthmagirl - nice idea. Make it so ;) Drs on the starboard bow!

Soph - like the idea of a Darth mask. A role model for us all...


Sounds cool

Dirleck (from Dr Who) oxygen cylinder on wheels


flowers/ koala on iv poles

fiber optic lights i n tubeing

ok back to working now


How about Robot Doctors so they can be programmed not to say no wheeze no asthma.


Peak flow charts that are like a Pac Man game so when your peak flow reading drops Pac Man can chase it back into the green zone.


I have a rather lovely attractive dr (introduced as a cons - but looks too young!), hope he's here all night :-) - can't convince him to let me out though or not do ABGs ...

Loving the idea of lights in iv tubing and fish in saline hehe.

Trying to think of some good ideas, but brain too fuzzy lol


BP cuffs made to look like boa constrictors (something about me makes them squeeze me till i bruise) and pulse ox looking like crocodiles :-) and the nurse who comes to do my 6am obvs needs to be in more hospitals as she is good at bribing me to give her an arm with tea :-)


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