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Changing symptoms

Does anyone else get a tickly cough as their first symptom?

I never used to, but the high pollen count seems to have started this off. Yesterday evening it developed into the usual tightness and today have been breathless and had a more productive cough. Don't seem to be getting a cold though. I've never been woken up by a tickly cough before! Was twice last night.

Problem is other people don't recognise this as an asthma symptom - I have a hard enough time convincing people that the chesty cough is asthma. My mum and a friend are asthmatic and still don't understand. I hadn't noticed it was affecting me until yesterday when I went to bed at 8.30!

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Maybe you have some post nasal drip from allergies which is both causing the tickley cough and irritating your lungs to cause an asthma flare?


Think you're probably right Beth. Think it was the start of a pollen reaction as I now have an on/off chesty cough. Have been waking up at night with it but otherwise not too bad so hoping it stays at a manageable level.


Hope things clear up soon or at least stay manageable. Take care.


Had quite a sudden pollen reaction earlier which is unusual for me as usually my ymptoms build up gradually rather than having sudden attacks. I guess I'm just going through an odd stage where my reactions to things change, which does seem to happen after a while.


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