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Prednisolone Monster!!

Just a rant really to get it off my chest rather than screaming at my poor daughter. :(

She had an attack at the beginning of the week and has been prescribed the expected course of pred to help her lungs recover from the attack BUT.....

boy, do they make my child turn from a pleasant placid little thing into a screaming bad tempered monster!!

I know its not her fault and its just temporary and I know she needs them and they are getting her chest well but its hard work!!

Luckily she on her last dose today so hopefully she'll be back soon!!

Thanks for listening as I know you'll understand where I'm coming from x

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Sending virtual hugs , My son turns like this also x


I'm on increased pred atm from an attack last week and can literally feel 'the hulk' bubbling away inside so I really feel for kids (and parents who take the brunt of the moods) who have to cope with it.

Hugs x


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