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I go to a ladies' running group on alternate wednesdays and tonight was one of those wednesdays.

You can choose your distance 2, 3, 4 or 5 miles, usually i do 3 or 4 and tonight i did 3 (which actually turned into 3.7!) Unfortunately my lungs decided not to co-operate. Sometimes i can talk and run (which they say you should be able to do) but tonight my brain wanted to talk but my body didn't.

We got to a re-grouping point about a mile before the end and claire the leader was checking everyone was ok, as she looked at me i shoook my head and she correctly guessed / worked out it was the asthma (i think she knows about the asthma anyway). She told the others to jog along and she'd walk a bit with me. She kept talking to me and asking questions:

have you got your inhaler

do you want to stop or keep walking

do you need water

do you want to remove a layer

all the questions got non-verbal responses though i guess she was happy enough if i was responding in some way. i took my inhaler and kept walking though she told me to slow riiiiight down. I still couldn't talk for a while and she just kept rabbitting at me haha. After maybe 10 minutes or so i was able to talk a bit, but she said we weren't going to run at all any more we were going to walk all the way back - it was just under a mile anyway. As we were walking some of the 4 milers came past us and some asked was everything ok. It was quite funny when the leader of the 4 milers came along she said ""are you ok emma?"" obviously she knew the reason we were walking would be me rather than claire - ooops. I was still only talking a bit by then and claire explained then lynn and claire chatted - lynn said she'd walk with us, for a while give her a chance to rest haha. We made it back to the leisure centre in one piece, I was a bit annoyed though, on other weeks I've done further without problems and i DID have my inhaler before we started.

Ah well, just though i'd have a bit of a moan on here.


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