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rattling lungs & coughing?

my lungs keep rattling, its really strange. it kinda feels like I have a purring cat stuck in my lungs when I breathe, it feels worse breathing in. whenever it happens, it causes me to cough a lot and I bring a load of chunky thick white/clear sticky mucus up, or a combination of the 2.

its been happening multiple times an hour today and its getting ever so slightly annoying.. anyone got any idea what it could be?

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hmm not sure, but it doesn't sound too good! I believe mucus that colour is meant to be 'asthma' mucus and suggests something is going on in there that needs attention.

Might be worth giving out of hours a call or booking urgent GP appt tomorrow (though from your other post I know that things haven't been easy with your GP).

Good luck!


I'll try get a doctors appointment tomorrow - I went to the toilet before I went to bed and I could definitely hear something when it happens, I thought I could just feel it until I was sat where it was really quiet. I'm 99.9% sure its coming from my lungs with the fact its only happening when my lungs feel to rattle or whatever it is. hmm.


I get this too, and the deeper you breathe the more of a rattle you get. I got it for a couple of weeks after my last chest infection had cleared. It did go as my asthma improved. I guess you might need more meds for the asthma to settle and the rattling to go. I hope you're rid of it soon, it's a little unnerving isn't it?


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