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Hello I'm new :)

Have just registered here so hello :)

I had asthma as a child, mostly seasonal, but had a scary flare-up of it recently. Now on lots of inhalers and tablets, have never had anything so frightening as this recent asthma attack. Found the site really useful for information about asthma and hoping for some friendly company while I come to terms with all of this. I'm a young person (19) and my nickname is a nickname I like calling other people haha.

Hope everyone is as well as can be in this horrible weather. I'm so bored and can't concentrate on anything all at the same time!


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Hey :)

This site is amazing for info! The AUK nurses are great when you need someone to talk too :)

I was only formally diagnosed just over a year ago and have struggled. A lot of what I used to assume was normal was actually asthma. I'm also 19 :) I moved to a city for uni and have struggled so I know what you mean when it's hard to come to terms with.

Welcome :)



Welcome to the forums!

I hope you find them as useful and friendly as i have done. I am also a young person (23). Think there are many of us around on here ;-)

Take care.

Rose xx


Hiya, and welcome! One of the great things about this board is that there are plenty of young people (i'm 18) and compared to the people you meet on respiratory wards you get to meet people who understand the different stuff you're up against as a young person with asthma!

sorry you're going through a rough patch with your lungs at the moment. Mine are being very cruel to me. I've gone from a reasonably well controlled asthmatic who used antihistamines and inhalers to completely uncontrolled, on long term pred and a load of other pills, and still in hops every few weeks! It really sucks! so i know what you're going through! Does your consultant have many plans for you? Mine has just done a load of tests so fingers crossed we'll get some answers from them!

hope your feeling better soon, but until then there are some really nice people and some really great info on here!


ahhh listen to all you young uns! ;-p Well Im a relative oldie compared to you lot (40 this year eeek) but just wanted to say hello and welcome :)

Sorry you're having a tough time at the moment, hopefully the forums will be somewhere you can vent your frustrations..

take care

Lynda x


Hi Fairyface. I love your name!

You've found the right place to get questions answered and loads of support and I know you'll find it helpful. Take care.


Thanks for such a lovely welcome, everyone :)

Have just started a short high dose of pred after the attack which is helping a bit after the second dose today. Nurse said it will kick my lungs up the a**, if you'll excuse the pun! Breathing is nearly not a conscious decision anymore (nurse described it as ""air hungry"") but still very tired and a bit tight in my upper chest. It's been snowing here and my lungs hate the cold :( going back to see the asthma nurse in a few weeks but that was scheduled before this attack so I'm not sure what she'll do next. On long-term reliever/preventer and singulair already. Peak flow is still a bit lower than usual.

Thanks for letting me have a rant. Hope you're all doing as well as possible today?

fairyface x


Glad youre starting to feel better. I hope things continue to improve for you. Take care.

Rose xx


Hello and welcome to the forums.

I have always found this site very informative and helpful.


I've just registered on here too. I was diagnosed as a child when I was 3 and after years of being on/off different inhalers and in/out of the GP's, Asthma Clinic and A&E, I enjoyed a really reasonable period of time where my asthma was generally very well controlled with only seasonal flare-ups, usually in the winter. That was when I was 19 and I'm now 29 (still feel 19 though, although lungs feeling like a 90 years old's at the mo!) and my asthma has gone totally bloody bonkers! I know other asthmatics who have been seriously struggling with the freezing cold weather, but I've had 4 colds, 3 chest infections and multiple courses of antibiotics and steroids over the last 2.5-3 months. I had an asthma attack and had to go to A&E on Tuesday night and finally got a referral to see an asthma specialist today to try a new combination of meds. After all these years it's still frightening though, so I also thought it would be a good idea to register with Asthma UK, care and share!


Hi Natalie and welcome to the forums!

It is very scary when adthma goes from good to bad whatever your relative scale for this may be. Its good that you got referred tbough. I hope you find the right treatment soon. Take care.

Rose xx



This site is really great!! I find it really useful when I need advice about my asthma and how to cope with it.

I was re-diagnosed with asthma about 5 months ago now after a cold/cough. I'm 16 and I live a pretty active lifestyle, I walk to college everyday, play netball 3x a week and I dance every weekend.After the christmas holidays, my asthma got really bad and has had a massive effect on my active lifestyle. It's taking a while to get it sorted out, longer than I was hoping.

I study at an all boys private bording school but they grant girls scholaships at 16+. With my asthma, I feel like i'm on my own all the time; there's no girls I know at school that have asthma and some of them just see it as an excuse. This forum reasures me that i'm not on my own and other people are going through the same things as I am.


I donot love to put new thread but i love so much when i see some new people like me come and say hello and welcome to him/her and me :) so welcome for me and you LOL :)


Welcome fairyface, ToriPops, Natalie Smith, and CloudIT!


A late hello & welcome from me to, To Fairyface (love the name), Natalie, CloudT & Tori


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