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cheap travelling tips please?

Hello again!

So im trying to get mysepf booked for two week long trips to manchester (i live in france) in june and august as my sis is having a babyand getting married ;-)

But its all so expensive *sigh* seems i would need about 1400€ for the two weeks. None of the cheaper hotels seem to be wheelchair equipped :-( and apparentoy direct ryanair flights are nearly all booked so feeling a bit panicky.

I have finally found a company who i hope will cover me medical insurance wise (last trip to uk ended up intubated an missed my flight back yay!0) but havnt actually been given a quote yet.

So just wondering if anyone had any wonderful ideas for cutting the cost (i only get 700€/month on disability allowance...)

Any ideas apspreciated ;-)

Stay well all

Rose xx

ps ooops sorry meant to put this in off topic!

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Have you thought about the Eurostar? It comes right into London and you could transfer to a Manchester train easily enough I think. I don't know if there are youth/student accommodation in Manchester.

Hope you get on ok

Lisa xx


Not sure if it will be of use but tesco clubcard rewards scheme currently have tickets on offer with Eurotunnel. £10 in tesco clubcard vouchers gives you £30 token to use on Eurotunnel. There are also other travel deals as well so these may help reduce the cost a little.

Also De Vere hotels have got a room sale starting on the 17th january with prices starting from £10 per person. Not sure if they have hotels near where you need to be...


Manchester YHA is accessible from what I remember..... That would be cheap.

Premier inns etc are cheap too but check how accessible they are. Some of the chain hotels say they are OK but they haven't always tested them out.



Thanks everyone!

Ive got lots of digging and delving and internet surfing to do ;-)

Rose xx


I asked a close friend about this (chilhood polio) - she told me that there are a lot of resources on the net to help with travel/mobility issues, including boards where people discuss their experiences with different hotels and other places that claim accessibility. She said she'd send me links (need to remind her) to pass onto you.

A couple of things she said in conversation to pass on:

a) there is no standard accessible bed height - when you make reservations, see if you can have them check the height to make sure there won't be transfer problems for whatever chair you are using.

b) if you go through London - there are accessible blacktop cabs but you may need to call in advance to make arrangements.

I'll post more when she gets back to me.



My confession is that possibly part of the problem is that im lazy and cant be bothered to spend hours and days investigati everything.

But my last hotel stay was a bad experience: the bathroom wasnt accessible and i was limited to the toiletswith a weird shaped and therefore pretty much unusable wash hand basin and next dorrs curry takeaway peftovers stinking the place out ;-)



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