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Vindicated by the asthma nurse!!!

Afternoon all...well I had to take my 4 year old to the asthma nurse today for her check up. Our asthma nurse is lovely and we know her quite well, so while I was there I told her what had happened at yesterday's appointment. She was horrified! She said with my history (not just the asthma but the damage left by the pneumonia, the fact that I have one lung that isn't at full capacity to start with, and the fact that I have a second chronic condition (ME) he should have been a lot more proactive with my care, and that his behaviour was clearly unacceptable. She said, exactly as I thought, that he was in a bad mood, having a bad day, and I had to suffer for it. Although at least I got the prescription I needed so that's something.

So I now feel slightly vindicated!! And will stop the rant (apologies again, it's not really like me!). But when you compare a nurse's salary to a GP's I feel quite strongly that it shouldn't be left to the nurse to explain all this and to apologise for him!!

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well as others have.mentioned if you fail to find a decent gp then a decent asthma nurse is the next best thing...

its good that she took thw time to listen and explain things to you. i hope your morale will bemefit from that appointment!

Rose xx


Thanks Hannah :-) Our asthma nurse is loads better than any of our GPs when it comes to asthma, I would always go to her over a GP given the choice! Sadly she can't prescribe steroids and there is always a longer waiting list to see her.


Ooh Millie, I'm jealous, our asthma nurse is rubbish, she's a lovely lady but like when I saw her yesterday, she has to get you in to see the gp if you need your chest listening to and has to get all prescriptions signed off by the gp. So apart from testing your peak flow, offering advice over different inhalers and being a shoulder to cry on when things are going wrong, she's not much use!! She has a much shorted waiting list though.

Glad you got it off your chest tho, and maybe she'd have a quiet word with said doc, without mentioning names. I would if someone complained about a colleague.


Really, really glad she was so much more helpful.


Have read your posts about this and just wanted to sympathise. I know how frustrating it is to feel that a GP doesn't take you seriously, I've had the same with OOH doctors before but it must be even more annoying when it's someone who should know you. I rely on my usual GP listening to me so much - I'm so happy I've not had to see another doctor while she's on maternity leave.


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