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Hi all

I'm new on here although I have been asthmatic for at least 18 years and been plodding along ok until recently. For the last few months my asthma has worsened and my peak flow has been at the 240-260 mark which my gp put me on 7 days of prednisone and advised me to double up my seretide 250 accuhaler and keep a record of my peak flows. Now my peak flow for the first few days did increase to 360-380 but then went back down to 240.

I passed my peak flows in to my gp and the receptionist came to speak to me (I work in the same building) telling me to double up my seretide to which I answered I already had, she went back and spoke to doc who advised to take uniphyllin 300mg once a day if the doesn't work he'll refer me to a consultant.

Well my chest does feel a little better and peak flow now about 310 but I can't sleep!! I am managing a few hours but those are restless and filled with very strange dreams, is this normal???

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Hiya, I have terrible trouble with theophylline so am only on 60mg twice a day hence I dont know if that is normal. Have you read the leaflet that comes with the drug? It will list the common side effects so you can see if sleep disturbance is a common side effect or not.

The other thing is, prednisone is notorious for stopping you sleep. If you have been on pred for a few days at a reasonable dose I would hazard a guess that might be the culprit. I can literally stay awake all night on pred, no matter how tired I am :( If it is the pred, that will settle soon after you come off it ;)



Hi Lynda

Finished the prednisone over a week ago and had been sleeping ok so has to be the uniphyllin. I'm just going to have to preserver and hope it settles quite quickly x



I had 4 weeks of Uniphyllin when I had an exacerbation which got very difficult to control. I felt quite poorly when I first started the drug with poor sleep, jitteriness and nausea.

I did try having it with my evening meal and this seemed to help quite a bit and then I think I got used to it. The side effects improved for me after about 7 days or so.

Hope you feel better soon


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