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quick update

Hi everyone,

not been on for a while.

Asthma not to good and had other problems.

Breathing was bad and heart racing bad on ecg and swollen feet and legs.

AnE diagnosed.conjestive heart failure and was having bad chest pain on top so had go Cardiology

for a heart scan .

Had a few weeks to see them and wait for results and

happy to find out at last my Ticker is fine and is my asthma causing the bad chest pain and tacy and not sure while legs

swelled. Had to more meds added to help my asthma and under hospital asthma unit still.

Hope everyone is doing ok with the cold

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Hi glynis!!!

As sorry as I am to hear about your asthma playing up I'm glad to hear your heart is good!!!! Must be a huge relief for you :-D

Hope the mew meds settle the windbags a bit better for you.



I'm sorry to hear that you've not been well, although I'm glad that your heart is ok. I do hope things improve for you soon. xx


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