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spacers and peak flow

when i use vent i use AeroChamber spacer as i find this makes it easyer to take and use and gets my attacts under control much faster do they do a smaller one as i dont always have a bag with me to put it in but alway have vent in my pocket all the time


peakflow meter i take my peak flow 2 times a day when i wake up before over meds and preventet and the same at night when i got it i only got 10 disposable mouthpieces with it can i get mouthpiece disposable on repeat i have a ppp so dont realy want to pay more and more when i can them from my gp ect i see mt asthma lady last week but for got to ask !

thanks mat

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can't you just get one with a reusable mouthpiece from the GP? that's all i've ever been given, by GPs and my hospital consultant! I'd ask, they're much easier as they'replastic so you can wash them!

If the AeroChamber is the blue one with the harmonica then it's the smallest one i've heard of, i always carry a handbag so i'm ok! check websites like ebay, if theres one in the world it'll probably turn up there eventually, then you can ask your GP about it! good luck!


Same as Soph really. The peak flows I've been prescribed by cons, GPs and nurses have always had a plastic washable mouthpiece with them. And I have an Aerochamber plus spacer which is blue and is the smallest spacer I've seen.


thanks i going to see my gp 2mor i ask him thanks guys mat :)


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