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Support groups in the north west


I am trying to set up a local support group for parents who have young children with asthma. I have tried everywhere to find one locally but there doesnt seem to be a group in my area. I live in Manchester and im trying to get a group togther for parents who have young children.

My son George is 3 and he has acute asthma he had an attack 5 weeks ago which left him in intensive care, he has fully recovered and running around like mad now.He has had breathing difficulties since he was 6 weeks old so he has been in and out of hospital with his Asthma.

I think i would be nice if a up could start up so as parents we can talk about things which affect our day to day lives, new medication which could help,new techniques for giving young children there inhalers, maybe arranging for local asthmas nurses to give talk on teh best way to cope with asthma and young children,

Please feel free if your interested in joining the group it would nice to talk to parents who are going through the same as myself and my husband.

Im looking fiorward to hearing from you

Sarah xx

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