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Mst morphine


I suffer with a chronic cough and asthma. After lots of recent stays in Costa del Vic the most recent beening admitted for 12 days,

I have eventually seen a cough specialist at wythenshaw hospital. She was excellent and prescribed me with mst morphine to suppress the cough. After 3 weeks I have made so much progress and have even managed to wean off the delightful preds ( been on them constantly for 5 months ) however I have found that I am very tired and seem to have lost my get up and go. Has anybody else been prescibed this and do you know if I will get my energy back. It's really needed as I'm currently having to stay of work as I'm not much of a role model to the students at the mo, ( the most unfit head of PE oops)

Hope everyone's doing ok, Gill :-)

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I haven't been on mst, but I do seem to end up on oramorph for another reason (not asthma) and it seems to take about a day from my last dose to be back to myself. I don't know if that helps any or not.


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