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advice please?

hi ive just joined this forum and am after a bit advice about my daughter who is 3, i'll give you a brief run down of her history

leah is 3 and is growing and eating and developing normally

as a baby she had severe reflux and was on medication and under a consultant at the hospital for it, while at the hospital her consultant noticed the wheeze she had and was initially concerned and prescribed her whith a blue inhaler and said if the reflux medcines and inhalers didnt work we should look at changing her milk to one that doesnt contain milk protien, the medicines worked however and she remaind on normal formula milk and her medicines until she was about 18 months old when all medication was stopped and we was discharged from hospital care

any way she has recently (last 3 months or so) always has a very wet sounding cough with a very obviouse wheeze, nursery are starting to point it out to me and everyone else who hears her is mentioning it so i took her back to gp who just wrote out prescription fort inhaler again and that was it no follow up appoinment no advice or diagnosis and she still has a cough and a wheeze and im not sire what else i can do

thanks cerri

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the best person to ask is the asthma nurse on here, ring the free phone number, top right of the page, mon to fri 9am to 5 pm they are briliant, they re the experts


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