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Weird question

Has anyone else experienced an attack being brought on by listening to people talking about asthma/allergies?

Was having some training about anaphylaxis today, and towards the end started feeling crackly and coughing - not severe though was sorted out with ventolin. Just thought it was odd that I'd been fine all day and then started getting symptoms as we were talking about allergies.

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Hi spooky,

Not had this but if I talk for a prolonged period, especially if I laugh q few times too, this will make me have asthma symptoms so maybe it was chatting?



Thanks for reply, I have had that too, but I was just listening to a nurse talking about allergies, not talking myself.


when ever i go to the office for training my chest gets tight. i think its down to the office environment being stuffy and the air conditioning being dry which sets me off coughing


spooky, I wondered the same thing last year after discussing asthma with a friend who used to suffer from it, I had been fine until then, it made me wonder just how powerful is the mind?


I do know if I watch a film and someone can't breathe neither can I lol

I forgot my inhaler last wk and went food shopping, my daughter mentioned breathing and I panicked and couldnt breathe


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