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Ventolin doesn't make a difference?

So part of this is my fault, I admit it. I went home from uni this weekend and forgot my preventer (though how is a mystery given that it lives next to my toothbrush and that made it home!) Anyway, I missed it on friday night, all of saturday and sunday morning. I got back to uni today and went to the gym. I struggle at the gym normally but I'd promised a friend so I decided to go and just take it easy. It was also half an hour before closing time so I figured there's no way I could do much!

I used my ventolin before I went (though tbh I've never noticed it making exercise easier) but I really struggled at the gym, a lot more than usual. I know missing my prventer won't have helped but I managed to do hardly anything and my chest felt tight and I felt a bit dizzy. My friend looked concerned and so we left after only 15 minutes. I used my reliver whilst there and it didn't help, and then when I got back to my room (literally about a 3 minute downhill walk) and it didn't help again. I spent an hour sat down before I felt ok. I then had a shower and felt tight chested again. I now have a chesty cough but my pf is 440/ 450 which is around my best.

This isn't the first time ventolin hasn't helped, and I usually get the side affects after taking very little (fast heartbeat normally).

Any advice?

Not entirely sure for the reason of this post!

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