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My Asthma seems worst in London - Any ideas?

I've noticed when I leave London my asthma generally seems to get better. Unfortunately I live in London. The places it's been better includes some pretty polluted places & other big cities, for instance:

New York (November)

Mumbai, India (Feb - March, and Pune also in the monsoon)

Cambridge (all year)

Does anyone have any ideas whether there is some particular London factor involved?

Or maybe there isn't a particular London factor and it's just my house that's the problem...

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Hi fredo!

Do I take it you work on London but were visiting the other places? If so, could be more of a case of asthma being worse when working, rushing around, maybe a bit stressed whereas on holiday you chill a bit and do things at your own pace?

Just a thought :-)


Hey fredo!!

Was thinking along the same lines as angelica, my other thought was if it was literally just in ur home, is there any damp/fungus/mould in or near as in u der floorboards by sinks etc that you could be reacting to!? Do you have any pets that your lungs may not like!? Whats the enviornment like locallay, does anyone have regular fires or a heavy smoker!? It can be really hard to know exactly as each enviornment is different.

My old flat i used to rent had hidden damp (as in landlord paibted over so we couldnt see) so evry time i stepped in there within a day id be inhospital, and where i live now a relative heavily smokes which means my lung function is pants.

Also, is there any particular food product you only eat at home!?

Hope you enjoy your game of cluedo/mystery haha



Hi Fredo, I steer clear of all cities. Even more 'rural' ones, my lungs just seize up. Very normal reaction for someone with lung disease, last time I was at Papworth I was reading one of their leaflets about it which explained why (dont ask, I cant remember!). I dont walk fast at the best of times but a city brings me to a standstill x


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