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Boots Pharmacy New Med Service

Has anyone done this.

I've just received a call from my main boots pharmacy regarding my use of my reliever which I got two months ago. Now according to the leaflet, they should ring within a week or two. But two months later o_O I have a smaller closer boots pharmacy which I got my clenil from which rang within a week. Within the two months I've had two asthma nurses apt, surely if something was up

I wonder if it was the fact that I went in to pick up another clenil inhaler (nurse just gave it, don't need it yet), a spacer, a protector inhaler (don't asked, I need to go back to pick it up) & antibotics as the nurse thinks I might have a chest infection just coming on. That reminded them.

Has anyone else had this, just thought it odd that it's taken two months for a new medicine call back. I just thought it was funny though the person on the other end seemed embarrased that I pointed it out that it was over two months.

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