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unsure what to do?

my PF is settling around 230-250, which is when I should get urgent medical help (240 my cut off point). I feel fine though, a bit of chest tightness/discomfort but nothing else. unsure what to do. do you still follow your action plan if you're not feeling too bad, or could it wait till tomorrow?

going by action plan, I either need to see a doctor ASAP, or be in A&E, but unsure if thats just when seriously symptomatic.

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Have you tried taking your blue inhaler salbutamol, you can take this during the day and it may well settle things down and improve your pf. Sometimes if you know your starting to get a tight chest, using your blue inhaler can be enough to settle things down, I know from past experiences because I'm usually to late and end up with a chest infection, then have to have antibiotics and steroids, my action plan is similar if I drop below 280 I should start with my salbutamol first.


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