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Asthma and Pregnancy!

Hi there,

I am pregnant with my second child, and I am getting increasingly concerned about how my asthma will be managed during labour.

The last time I was due was in the Sunny month of June, and my Asthma was noted but was not a concern as during the summer months I am usually very well.

However this time my baby is due at the beginning of Feb, this concerns me greatly as Jan/Feb time is usually when I am worst with my Asthma due to colds/flu or general poor weather, the dampness seems to have a lasting affect during the winter months.

So my question is, Although my consultant is aware of my previous Lung issues (I have suffered collaspsed lungs over previous years) is it worth me pushing for an elective c-seciton this time around? or do I go with the flow and hope that I am looked after in the event that I am bad around the time of labour??

Does anyone have any experiences with this? And were their options available to you?

Many Thanks for your help in advance. :)

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Firstly congrats! Im due end of feb with no3!

Having had csections with both of my girls I've got to have one this time and I can def say coughing and sneezing after csections is blooming agony! I have also found that for about 24 hours after I need my nebuliser as my lungs get very gunky and due to section can't clear it. Have recovered quite quickly from the planned one second time round much quicker than emergency one. That said I struggled emotionally with having sections and would avoid if I could!

You could ask for referral to a consultant to talk it all through, mine sat and we made a plan for what would happen if my lungs kicked off.

Good luck to u and the bump! X


Just read you have consultant already can I plead baby brain?!



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