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Walking up Hills

I attempted the Yorkshire Three Peaks this weekend, albeit with little training but always thought myself as fairly fit. I enjoy walking and take part in walking holidays and scramble up hills, covering 10-15 miles a day. I have also taken part in 10k runs, coming in at just over an hour without proper training.

Hills have always been a little problematic, but found that I am fine if I am with friends who go at my pace, stop when I need to and take my inhaler. However this time I had to keep up with the group. I really struggled and had to drop out after the first peak after suffering with extreme tightness in the chest.

It really concerned me as it highlighted that perhaps I am not as fit as I thought as I was. Does anybody else have problems getting up hills and how do you increase your fitness to keep up with people without asthma. I would really like to take part in this challenge again, but this set back has really knocked my confidence.

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EmmaMC I very much admire you for even attempting to climb the Three Peaks. Your normal walking schedule is very impressive and you're clearly a huge amount fitter than I am ever likely to be (too lazy and too easily bored, not good).

Anyway, I can't do hills. I can do nice flat ground at a respectable pace but not hills. I often go out with friends and find that we're going uphill a lot faster than I san manage without upsetting my lungs, and as soon as I realise I slow my pace down to where my lungs are comfortable and if everyone else has to wait for me at the top then that's what they have to do.

I'm not saying it's easy - I've frequently got myself into a dreadful state by trying to keep up with everyone else but eventually I got my thick head round the stupidity of making myself ill when I don't have to be.

The hardest part is being up front at the start and saying that you might have to go a bit slowly because of your asthma. Give it a go. You'd be surprised how often other people will realise you have a problem and slow down to keep you company.

You clearly enjoy walking and running so don't stop, but maybe next time you want to take on a challenge you could tell the organiser what happened this time and see if there's a way you can keep your lungs happy without dropping out.


Please don't let it knock your confidence. You're obviously fit, not just anyone can run 10km and scramble up hills. If you have to do it at a pace that keeps your lungs happy then that's fine, and should be fine with everyone else. when anyone starts a walk with a group they know that they're walking as a group and know they will have to go at a pace suitable for everyone, not a pace that suits the average, otherwise they shouldn't chose to walk in a group. If you want to give this challenge another go, then i'll go with you, and we can go at a pace that keeps our lungs happy. I hope you continue to enjoy your running and walking. xx


Thank you both for your supportive answers. It's nice to know that we're in the same boat. I guess sometimes it's difficult to gauge what is right for you and your body. Think I will keep up the walking and accept my limitations, but next time make sure I build up my lungs to be able to cope with it a bit better. And Lou if you fancy attempting the three peaks next year then let me know! Would always be grateful for the company and with someone who knows how to keep our lungs happy.


I go out in the mountains a lot. I've never done the yorkshire three peaks and would love to join you. So let me know when you fancy going, I'll go any time as long as I'm not working.


Hey emmaMc

I cant say I have anything constructive to say as I struggle on the flat let a lone a hill, I just wanted to pop in and say, even though you had to drop out, fair play to you for attempting it and congratualtions on getting as far as you had done!! Although you may not have completed the walk, you completed the first hurdle for being there to start with. If I had one on id *take my hat off to you* well done!!



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