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Getting Worse

Hi all, I have just signed up to this as my asthma is getting worse and I am starting to get worried.

I have had asthma since I was about 11-12, its been steady i have had asthma attacks(The worst being before i had been to the doctors about it) i often get asthma attacks by playing football 99 times out of 100 these go away straight away by taking a couple of puffs on my 'blue' inhaler.

over the past few weeks i have had what i thought was a bad chest(maybe a chest infection) normally during these times i will need to take my 'Blue' Inhaler about 10 times a day when i become breathless during a chest infection. and the infection normally goes away within a couple of days. but this time it didn't go away, i went to town and got some cough syrup. i had been taking that and it didn't really get any better. the other morning i woke up by having a coughting fit. it was only about 10 seconds but when it finished i had The most frighening time of my life i couldn't breath, maybe only a little as when i took my 'blue' inhaler it loosened my chest off a little bit and i took it again to clear it. it total i think i took it three times (i cant be sure as that counting was the last thing on my mind) i have never had an asthma attack this bad in my life.

as soon as the doctors opened i phoned up to book and Emergency appointment with my doctor. wouldn't you have guessed she was off this day. i manages to get an appointment with the nurse. (not my asthma nurse) i went adn told her everything.

she asked how often i take my inhalers i said i take my brown one latest 4 times a day(2 in morning and 2 at night) like my previous nurse has told me to. and told her my blue one was different every day sometime only 4 times a day others could be up to 10+. she listened to my chest and because i had just taken my inhaler on the way to the doctors it was clear. she got me to do a peak flow (normally around 650-700) this time was 550 she told me that wasn't affected by it. then told me that my asthma was getting worse. take your brown inhaler 1 in morning and 1 at night. and my blue one 2*4 times a day. and book to see the proper astham nurse in a week to 10 days time.

i was adamant that this is a chest infection (maybe worse) but 'Just Your Asthma' she said. i booked and appointment and left.

i wasn't very happy but then again at least she didn't say that i had to get on with it she told me to go back. the night after was ok i woke up again coughing but one puff sorted me out.

however last night i woke up a total of 4 times all of them coughing 2 of them where just as bad as the other night. and two as bad as last night. ive already taken my inhaler 10+ times and its not even 9 O'clock yet.

im really worried i havent been doing much exercise recently (becasue of injury) but i am hoping to get back this week. i know my asthma is going to hold me back and i am scared of what might happen if i have an asthma attack on the football pitch or something like that.

does anyone now what my next action should be? book in to see the doctor next week or go to the hospital im not sure i can cope with this every night.

Thank you. and sorry for the poor grammar.

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Give your GP practice a bell and insist on getting an emergency appointment for today. It sounds as tho your asthma's out of control.

Good luck!


Couldn't get an appointment on Friday. im going first thing on Monday. ive been doing some searches to see if i can find what it is, and there is no doubt about it its laryngospasm.

when I go I will tell the doctor that I think its this and that its my symptoms.

I thought it sounded stupid to tell people that i cant breath but i know exactly what is happening and why. it makes it that little bit less scary.

i really hope no one ever gets this. and being told by a nurse its 'just' asthma wasn't fun.

should anyone have these symptoms then search laryngospasm in google. and was good for information as well.

The website even says that people often go to doctors and come away having been diagnosed with the wrong thing.

Thanks :)


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