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Para Olympic Athletics Question

Just wondering if anyone saw the Para olympic athletics last night on TV in particular the T42-44 4x100m relay race. Was in the stadium watching last night and several of the teams where disqualified but did not get clear view of all the changeovers... So wondering if anyone knew what the disqualifications where for and if they were appealed. Have to admit the atmosphere was electric and so many new world and paraolympic records set...

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As it turned out, the Brazilians were disqualified for not touching the baton within the take-over zone as were the Americans for running out of their lane.

is that the race you mean - It only mentions 1 disqualification


Thank you for the information... It was the race I was asking about... I know when they left the stadium the result had not been confirmed... I assume appeals where going on. So result may have changed from what we heard... Its nice to know the reasons why as not always close enough to see the issues which caused the disqualification...


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