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housing and high rise!

Hi all...

Just a quick question, i have been told i have to move from my house as my son in 19 and we can only now live in a 2 bedroom flat..

theyve now decided i can only have a high rise flat.. Now ive been in hospital more times than i can even count and keep up with, going down hill very fast, the last time was just walking up the stairs at home my son found me and rang an ambulance, touch and go for a while there.. Anyway, been in touch with the council and they wont budge on it.. according to them i can manage a flight of stairs, which i can once a day to be honest..i only asked for somewhere with a downstairs loo!!

has anyone faced this before am i just shooting stars.. im really struggling at the moment with walking distances etc..

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Sorry that you are struggling with your health at the moment, with regards to your housing situation have you thought of speaking to your GP and see if they can write a letter explaining about your health issue/s.


Have you tried contacting your local MP he/she maybe able to help you...


Sassyj, it sounds as if you're in a very uncomfortable position. I'm not sure if your local council has the power to force you to move - you might want to speak to your local CAB or councillor about that. If the coundil is able to force you to move you could join homeswappers and arrange a move to somewhere that suits you rather than taking what the council is prepared to let you have. It only takes a few minutes to join and you can specify the sort of property you want, e.g. ground floor flat or maisonette, and the area you want to be in and then wait for matches! I would think that moving from, say, a 3 bedroomed house to a 2 bedroomed one would be fairly easy as there are many families who desperately need the extra bedroom.

Good luck



A paragraph from the above link but do read it all

`Lord Freud said the restrictions, which will come into effect from April 2013, will only apply to people of working age, sparing pensioners from the trauma of having to move from their homes.`

as said, I would ask for help from your local MP or CAB regarding your asthma and stairs etc.

but it looks like it hasn`t come into effect yet

good luck x


I have a vague recollection that it all depends on the type of tenancy agreement you signed. I believe that until fairly recently countil tenants signed a Secure Tenancy agreement, which ment that as long as they kept paying their rent and din't indulge in antisocial behavior the council couldn't make them move, which is how you so often find one little old lady living in a large 3 bedroomed council house. So the first thing you need to do is find out what sort of agreement you have signed and then take it from there.


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