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its been a long time

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 7. I'm now nearly 40. I received an early birthday present....a new bike. yesterday I completed a 21 mile bike ride with 2 of my friends. it was hard in places... but I got round without using my inhaler. I can't remember the last time I excersise like that. I am so proud of myself. will it get easier the more I do it?

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yaay well done you :-)

I'd say yes it probably will get easier the more exercise you do cos you should naturally get fitter but obviously i can't predict how your body will react. Just be careful and try not to push yourself too hard too quickly.


Well done.

Did you enjoy your bike ride?


21 miles is quite far, well done. I'd say it'll almost certainly get easier as you get fitter, but be careful not to overdo it by building up slowly. Also, if the triggers increase eg. cold temperature, pollens, etc. then give it a miss or take it real easy (at least to start with)

I'm usually very fit and run as much as i can, i try to go 3 or 4 times a week when i'm well. I also don't bother trying if my peak flow is below 420 (my best is 510) as from experience of trying i'm sure to run into trouble.I still fail on something like a half of these because of stroppy lungs and end up walking back home/to the car after a rest (my asthma's much better than it has been but still not particularly well controlled). Don't let this put you off, you might just have to accept that sometimes you'll go out to exercise and have to stop.

Hope it all goes well and you enjoy your cycling


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