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Nights out

Evening all

Does anyone else always have to forward plan everything when going on a night out? Instead of spending hours getting ready I seem to spend most of my time working out tablet times ( i take 8 different ones at night) and then trying to fit inhaler and extra meds into the bag that matches the outfit arghhhhh. Then to top it off I can't drink with the meds so I spend the night on non alcoholic cocktails lol.

However I am extremely happy that I am able to go out tonight ( was in costa last week) and I know some of you reading this are poorly at the mo and are sofa surfing.

Take care all, Gill

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hope you've had / are having a good night :-D I also hope those lungs behave themselves!!!

No alcohol isn't such a bad thing ( i rarely drink although there's nothing actually stopping me if i'm not driving), i'm just high on life and enjoy myself without any extra stimulants LOL


I definitely get the bag thing :-(

I have some lovely little bags from pre-stroppy lungs time when I only used to carry an inhaler around.



That's me, but I can't imagine doing it with 8 different tablets (I have 2 a night and thought that was bad enough). It was my cousins wedding yesterday and had to do some forward planning regards meds/spacers (i love my little aerochamber plus spacer that goes quite nicely into a bag) but i didn't have a bag that matched my outfit :(


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