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My grandson has chickenpox, I had this as a child. I am wondering if I am at increased risk of developing shingles. I am also diabetic but not on insulin and not currently taking prednisolone. My lips have been tingly on and off for 2 - 3 days but is now becoming constant. Not painful. Not sign of hypo either.

Problem - 2 grandchildren have had lots of contact, i have also been in contact with both. Today, grandaughter is being looked after by mother of grandson (her Aunty) but I officially take over late afternoon for 4 hours. Grandson is otherwise in quarantine but daughters have agreed contact between cousins is fine - get it over and done with.

I dont know whether to avoid contact (I will miss them) or if i am being overly dramatic.

Any words of wisdom please - I have only had asthma for a year or so and am quite new to it all,

thank you : )

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My understanding is you can catch chickenpox from shingles not the other way around. Have you looked on the NHS Choices website for information?


bupa information

scroll down to `causes of shingles`


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