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Rubbish day again!

Anyone got a decent spare set of lungs for hire or sale?

Mine are just rubbish at the moment, had a really bad night last, back to back nebs and no sleep.

Saw my doctor earlier, and surprise surprise she wants to admit me again. Big problem with that is I've no one to look after my children till Sunday.

She did say social services would help, but want to avoid that if possible.

I know I'm not well, but I'm nowhere near as bad as have been, and really don't want kids to have to be put with strangers.

Obviously I'm not going to be daft about this, I know when I need help, and won't leave it to the last minute.

Just wish my family would help, even though they are 260 miles away, it's just too much effort for them to bother.

So if anyone has a fairy godmother who can quickly sort my lungs out please send her my way!!!!

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awww no :( I hope it doesn't end in an admission for you and you have a better night tonight!

I saw your post about your children - must be v worrying. I always seem to say this but have you tried the AUK helpline? They can help on practical things as well as medical things and I'm sure you can't be the only severe asthmatic who's been in this situation, so they may well have some suggestions for you.

Hoping you feel better soon. Hugs xxx



is there any way your husband could come home? and the other thing is how old are your children, i am sure if you explained the situation at the hospital have they a creche or could they stay with you on camp beds in hospital with you on the ward as a last resort, please i am not getting your hopes up but just a throught if you were in desperate need of medical attention


In then words of preincess fiona, fairy godmother is just a tear drop away.

On a serious note, i really hope u get well soon, and things dont deteriorate before sunday. What about some good friends in ur area that ur children trust, would they be able to help u out at all!?



Sorry Ellie, I totally forgot it's the weekend so can't call AUK - though I'd call them when you next can anyway to get ideas if this happens again.

I don't know either if it would work but Lola's suggestion might work - anyone at the hospital you could ring to explain to?


Hubby is on his way back from Australia tomorrow, thank goodness!

Will try to call my asthma nurse in the morning. I've a couple of friends who may help in an emergency, but they have kids and I don't want to add to their workload especially as its the holidays.

Think I will spend the night hugging my neb!! Am feeling a bit better than this morning, just hope lungs start to behave!


Oh no Ellie, I do hope your naughty lungs behave soon and you start to feel better.


Ellie, its such a tough situation you are in but do your friends know that you are struggling amd that the Dr wants to admit you? If the boot where on the other foot I bet you would have their kids in an instant.

I'm sure if you told your friends they would happily have the kids.

If they are anything like my friends they will probably be cross knowing that you need help but you're perhaps not asking for it?

I bet your kids and theirs would thoroughly enjoy a sleepover!! :-)

Look after.yourself ellie. X


Sounds like an awful situation to be in. I have much sympathy for you. I'm sure your friends would be happy to help when you're so poorly. Don't be afraid to tell them how much you're struggling and how much you'd appreciate their help 'til sunday so that you can get the help you need at hospital to get better.

I really hope your lungs start behaving soon. xx


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