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Can't keep pred down :-s


I've recently been struggling with a chest infection (already had a weeks abx) and my cons put my pred up to 60mg on tues to try and get me over the last of it. Unfortunately, since last night I have been vomiting and can't keep anything down (probably due to the Chinese take away I treated myself to as I can often react like this to MSG etc). So obviously this morning I have vomited up all my morning meds repeatedly (can't even keep water down). I'm not too fussed about most meds but a bit worried about not taking the pred ... I've been on it for over 2 years at varying doses and I'm unwell atm. Also, sods law O2 isn't working so I can't phone resp team easily.

Any advice? Hopefully it will settle by tomorrow!


B x

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Might be worth getting an appointment with your GP to see if you can temporaily get the pred in a different form e.g. intramuscular injection whilst you are being sick to make sure you get the dose of pred you need.


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