Turned a corner :-)

For the last few weeks i've been really struggling, i think it started off as a stress reaction (we were told my nan was dying, then a week later she did die and a week afer that was the funeral. The asthma didn't kick off straight away but part-way through that period it did).

To be fair / honest I haven't helped myself though, last saturday i did a community triathlon and found it VERY hard both physically and breathing-wise. I also haven't stopped / relaxed any of my activities - running / swimming / dancing / horse-riding. I have been coughing A LOT the last couple of weeks and haven't had a single day in the last 14 that i haven't used my reliever at least 4-5 times. My dance teacher has also joined the club ""i recognise that cough"" hahaha

Today, i've done my normal 5k run followed by swim but i felt really strong in my swim today - 70 lengths in about 45 minutes and its ages since i've done that. And although i'm still coughing it feels like a normal sunday and doesn't hurt as much as it has been doing recently :-)

Sorry for the long post, once i start i tend to ramble haha


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