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e-cigarettes and asthma

A couple of weeks ago I bought an e-cigarette because I want to stop smoking

I usually smoke 20 light cigarettes a day

I used it for a 3 days and during those 3 days cut my cigarettes down to 7 a day

but then my asthma kicked in and was very bad for 2 days, I couldn`t stop coughing

so I stopped using the e-cig for 4 days until I started to feel better

then started using it again at the same time as cutting my cigarettes down to 10 a day

again I used it for 3 days then my asthma kicked in again, badly

has anyone used e-cigarettes who can shed some light on my questions please

1. is there something in the e-cigarette that is triggering my asthma

2. or is cutting down my cigarettes causing the problem as in, my lungs chucking up the muck that has built up over the years of smoking

3. or is it just a coincidence

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As an ex smoker I used an e cig to give up after failing dreadfully with patches, gum etc. The way I understand is it your body gettng rid of the muck etc. The e cig has none of the nasties in just the nicotine and the vapour is water. Also others I know that are none asthmatic also were rather ill when quitting in the early days shifting the muck etc. Its the body way of cleaning itself out.

Hope that helps


emlou, yes that helps thanks :)

which ecig did you use please


I got mine from the electronic cigarette company. There are loads out there, found this company the most useful and informative to me. Another popular one is vapestick have a nosey round on some websites and see what you think. I've managed to convert a couple of work colleagues too ha ha :D Good luck


a person with an e-cigarette caused a whole stretch of the M6toll to be closed today!!!! This person 'lit up' on a coach sparking fears from other people who reported it



thanks emlou :)

will shop around


I used Champix to quit smoking so I don't need to ever spend money on e-cigarettes! I got my champix from

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