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Sore after having cannula

After my recent visit to A & E on Friday, the back of my right hand is bruised all over and there is a raised sore lump where the cannula was inserted.

I was wondering if anyone else I has experienced soreness after having a cannula and if so how long does it take for the soreness to go away.

I have never experienced soreness after a cannula, so apologies if this seems to be a silly question to ask.

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Hi asthmagirl not a silly question at all!

I've had this once, it was a heamatoma under tge skin which caused my lump and severe (every colour of the rainbow and then some) bruising.

Sorry to say but it took my bruising etc nearly a month to go fully.

Take care x


Hey!! First sorrg to hear you were poorly, hole your feeling better now!! And in answer to ur question, I lve had this a few times, latest 3 weeks ago on my fore arm, and I have to say, it is still solid, raised and very pretty colours!! Its nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesnt go red and track up your arm!!




It took about a week for the pain to go from my last cannula, still bruised thou after almost 2 weeks! And actually the pain where the cannula failed and had to be taken out is still there!

Take Care!



Oh gosh yes. Depends who puts it in and what training they've had. I've had two ops recently and whoever did the cannula for my first op. made a real hash of it. 12 weeks ago and the bruise has only just gone. Second op, four weeks ago, the anaesthetist himself slid it in completely painlessly and I'd no bruise to show for it at all.


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