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Off to the docs, again!

Ive been up all night again, lurching from one attack to the next. Nothing very big, but enough to be uncomfortable. Have got the shakes from back to back nebbing too. So am off to the docs this morning, not my favourite place,they usually have an ambulance waiting when they know im bad!

The only saving grace is im seeing the new baby doc, who doesnt know me, or my lungs that well yet.

Fingers crossed im not admitted again. Will update later, either when home or from costa, which I think is the most likely outcome.

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I'm sorry that you are having problems, I do hope your doctor's appointment went OK.

I do hope your lungs have started to settle down a bit today


Ooooh ellie I hope your lungs perk up and you stay out of costa, if not, hope you're not in too long.

Rest up xxxx


Big hugs coming your way. xx


Well visit to gp didnt go well, ended up with first responder and ambulance to resus. Poor baby doc had fright of her life as I wasnt too bad when I went into her room then had major attack with silent chest and a lovely shade of blue! Never seen so many doctors come running!

Am still in costa,done resus, hdu and am now on respiratory ward.


Sorry to hear visit to GP wasn't good, but glad to know that you're out of hdu and on ward. Hoping you're well enought to go home soon. xx


Scary stuff, glad your out of hdu though.

Big hugs xxxxxx


So pleased that you are out of HDU. I hope your lungs are starting to behave themselves now.

I hope you get home soon.


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