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Memory foam mattress topper??

Hi all,

I recently bought a mattress topper for my bed and have noticed my symptoms of asthma has increased since using it.

I allowed it to air out (the memory foam toppers have a nasty smell at first) for a few days before using it, but I have since taken it off my mattress because it is causing me too many problems at night.

I do think that my asthma is worse due to the hot weather we have been having lately, but I wondered if anyone else here had similar issues with memory foam toppers and/or memory foam mattresses?

I also wanted to say it's nice to meet you all, since I have only just joined here - so hello everyone!!

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i have a full memory foam mattress and have never had any problems but my asthma is fairly mild and of course everyone's triggers are different.

Sorry not much help lol

Nice to meet you too :-)


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