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hayfever- should I take anything for it?

Ok, so I'm sure my other posts have made it clear I'm an asthma newbie!

I've always had hayfever, and have tried various things in the past, but none really worked and they all make me drowsy. For the past 3 years I haven't taken anything because I can't afford to be tired with exams. At gcse my hayfever only affected one grade and at as it only slightly impacted on two grades. I get symptoms most days but not too bad this year, so I can live with it. I just wondered whether I should take something, since hayfever and asthma go together. Hayfever affects my chest, but then it has since I was little, and it's never been too bad. After 3 years of not having anything is it worth making myself too tired too concentrate just because I apparently have asthma?

Can anyone advise me? I can't get a doctors appointment for another 3 weeks so trying to get something that doesn't make me drowsy isn't really a n option.

Thanks :)

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The newer antihistamines shouldn't make you drowsy. Have you thought of speaking to a pharmacist? I don't have hayfever but pollen does affect my asthma so take loratadine all year round. Someone with the classic hayfever symptoms could tell you more. I know you can get eye drops and nasal apray too depending on your symptoms.


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