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I know that cough!

Well, as it's sunday i've done my normal running followed by swimming and have got the inevitable, predictable cough.

Allan at the baths commented on the cough as normal and was really laughing at me - why on earth do you do it??? hahahaha

Anyway, the teacher i work with first thing on a friday morning was also in the pool this morning in the same lane as me. He's never (i don't think :-/ ) experienced the asthmatic me cos normally on a friday i sound perfectly healthy having not been running before my swim. He was quite surprised / concerned about the cough but i was laughing saying it's self-inflicted, so now it's yet another person who is aware i'm asthmatic, ah well

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Hi Jinglfairy (love the name),

Are you on montelukast? It's supposed to be v good for exercise induced asthma.... Sorry if your already on it!


ps. One of my friends a couple of weeks ago was the other side of a computer room at uni and came up to me and said I knew you were here because I recognised the cough... great!


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