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Early puberty


My daughter's showing sign of this, usually called Precocious Puberty. She's 3 weeks short of her 7th birthday.

I've just read some stories on the net about Singulair being linked to this condition. She's been on 4mg chewable tablets for nearly 4 years.

Her weight and BMI is high (it's a constant battle even though her diet is good according to dieticians, there's no obesity in the family and although her physical activities are affected by her asthma, she is active) and this is also listed as a cause sometimes.

I'm really worried, though, that the meds are causing it and thought this a good place to ask for any experiences or knowledge you could share with me. She's also on Flixotide 250mcg twice a day.

I have an appointment with her GP on Monday to talk it through and have left a message with a specialist asthma nurse we know at her clinic.



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