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Rant about hayfever

So much as I'm really glad that the sun is shining again, my hayfever has been bad for the last week - 10 days even though the pollen forecast says the count is low. I'm taking fexofenadine and nasonex on top of my inhalers and have been since the beginning of March.

Yet if I go outside/open any windows after lunchtime it really plays up - ears, eyes and nose really sore and sinus headache, as well as a cough/feeling sick from all the gunk in the back of my throat.

Last year was bad on and off throughout May/June/July largely due to hayfever and really don't want to repeat that, but don't think I have ever had symptoms like this whilst taking antihistamine with low pollen count! And last year I was only taking cetirizine not fexofenadine.

Sorry not really after advice, maybe just some sympathy as my hayfever seems to get progressively worse each year, and I had no idea how much it can impact on how you feel until last year.

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Spookymilo, hope that your hayfever improves soon. Ask your GP (or pharmacist) about anti-allergy eye drops as these sometime help to relieve itchy and sore eyes.


I have found the last couple of weeks really bad pollen wise (though wondering if it is also the moulds as well because of the wet weather...). Is it worth having a chat to your GP about getting eye drops for when you need them. Also if its any help fexofenadine is available in the 120mg and 180mg tablet form. Sometimes it helps when you rotate antihistamines/nasal sprays as they can become less effective if they are used daily over long periods.


There's an ""Outdoors"" section on the AUK hayfever advice page - it includes using vaseline to trap pollen and mould spores before they reach the inside of the nose.


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