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Cough fractures

Hi guys!

Just wondering if anyone else on here has ever managed to fracture their ribs from coughing so much when having an attack? I first done this in february with both sides of my ribcage, and last week re-done the left side. Its absolute agony :(

I've broken other bones before but those may as well have been a stubbed toe compared to this!


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hi missjox

I'm dealing with the same thing it's called costochondritis you're not wrong when you say it's painful I have trouble sleeping the pain is so bad. It makes me feel tired all the time it hurts just taking a breathe, but I think it's because it makes you breathless. When my doctor told me I had it, I had to come home and look it up, I had never heard of it before. It varies for me the first day i couldn't eat the pain was so bad while the pain for me is in my left rib and sterumum I'm lucky it's not on both side of ribs. My doctor says it's cause by inflammation. I have hada cough for 7 weeks now waiting on a xray.

Hope it goes soon when the doctor say it gets very painful I thought she was joking.


Yes, I currently have fractured ribs due to coughing because of an asthma attack. You are so right it is very painful and I am also finding it very difficult to sleep


This link has scared the bejesus out of me. I did not relise this could happen :/ Hope you all get better soon xx


Costacondritis isn't fractured or cracked ribs.

It is inflammation of the intercostal muscles and ligaments that hold the rib cage together.

Yes, extreme coughing can cause fractured or cracked ribs ...

Sades, don't be too scared about this, it doesn't happen that often.

If you do get a crack or a fracture (or costacondritis even) , it is important to see a doctor for adequate pain relief so you can still breathe adequately with minimum pain to prevent chest infections etc...... deep breathing..... yes, I know it is painful!! Warm wheat bags etc helps.



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