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Childrens asthma books

Hi everyone. My 2 year old son, used to be very good at taking his

Inhaler . Recently he's been running away, and hiding when it's time to have it. I've tried letting him give it to his teddies, pretended I've had some and gave him a spare spacer and empty inhaler to play with . Even covered it with stickers. Is there any books out there sutable for his age and something along the lines of, a little girl\boy having an inhaler . Thanks x

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Hi Leanne

I don't know if they still do them, but you used to be able to get books about Desmond Dragon. They were really cute and might help. I can't remember now who did them. Ugh. Google may be your friend now!

Geina x



I got a lovely book on amazon for my son about a cheetah called Charlie, Here is the link..




Thanks very much ladies xx


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