Apologies if this has been done before but i've not seen it. I thought it might be fun to see why people have chosen their usernames, some are possibly obvious but others might be more obscure.

Mine is basically my state at christmastime - for the whole last week of term i put my hair in 4 plaits with tinsel and bells at the bottom of each plait ans more tinsel & bells at the top of the 2 paired together. You hear me before you see me and my aim in life for that week is to make people happy :-D

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  • lol I hope you don't go to bed in those, you might find it hard to sleep! Your username does sound very cheerful which is good.

    I picked mine because it means 'someone who loves song' in Greek and I like singing. After I'd created my account I remembered it's also the name of someone who comes to an inventively sticky end in Greek mythology, and sort of wished I'd picked something else. But then I wanted a mythological name related to music (because I'm a massive geek about both those things), and EVERYONE in Greek mythology, pretty much, seems to have come to a sticky end!

  • When I first became a Granny almost six years ago, a friend at the time, christened me GrannyMo when she was in need of comfort or felt I needed some too.

    GrannyMo became my username on some of the forums we shared. When I joined AsthmaUK some years ago, GrannyMo was the obvious choice.

    PS to my family, I'm Mum. To my grandchildren, who now number three, I'm Grannie.

  • Well sadly for me im a little less adventurous. Mine is simply because i like being called Charlie and Warlie added on the end seemed kinda catchy and cheery!! Nothing special sadly xx

  • Well I am really boring! Pauline is my first name and I was born in 1947! So Pauline47 it is!!!

  • wheezey... obvious!

    bouncer... i'm a trampoline coach

    put them together and you get a wheezeybouncer :O) nothing spcial or clever.

    Geina x

  • Jinglefairy, I've always liked your username and wished I'd picked something more cheerful myself, and GrannyMo, I almost called myself GrannyAnnie because that's what my friends started to call me when I became a granny for the first time. However my choice is more boring, really, as it's just bits of my name.

  • My username dates right back to 2004 when I first signed up to the old message boards (not the one that's just been replaced, but the one before that).

    Back then, my only connection to Asthma UK was that I volunteered on their childrens activity holidays. At the time, these were known as PEAK holidays (it stood for ""Project for Eczema and Asthma Kids"") and one of the other volunteers was a message board member who used the username Peakpete.

    I decided that I would use Peaksteve as my username, and even though by the time the message board software was changed to the one we've just got rid of the holidays had been renamed Kick Asthma Holidays, I kept my old username because I'd already become a moderator here. In fact, this month I ""celebrate"" seven years as a moderator on the Asthma UK message boards.

  • Well mine was meant to be Em - but in my haste I clicked okay without checking - thus - me!

  • I get my user name from the fact that I have a face that looks like that of a small annoying yapping dog that has been slapped by a steam iron!

    Or alternatively it is because I am from Yorkshire ad my favourite football team is Scunthorpe United who are nicknamed The Iron, hence Yorkieiron!

  • Mine is a combination of my nickname and a shortening of my surname....boring! Lol

  • There was me thinking that FeeJay was actually called Jay and charged a Fee!

  • Philomena - i didn't realise that was anything to do with music (one of my aunt's middle name was Philomena and they were a musical family - i wonder was there any connection :-/)

    grannymo - are you called Maureen?

    Peaksteve - i'd guessed it was something to do with the PEAK holidays, i'd heard of them butnever knew what PEAK stood for - you learn something new every day :-) And congratulations on your 7th anniversary hehe

    wheezybouncer - i like it, i just thought maybe you were bouncy and giddy like me (lungs allowing of course!)

    me - are you by any chance called emma / emily, i'm emma and often get called em by friends etc but would object to anyone referring to me as ""em"" in writing - dunno why really :-/

    yorkieiron - i think you should go with your 2nd explanation LOL

    Yes i know i'm nosey but i think it's nice sometimes to get behind the username, especially as you get to know people better :-)

  • jinglfairy - this is another reason I wish I'd picked another name - it seems to confuse people! It's actually a different name from Philomena which has an 'n' and means '(a woman) who is loved' - this one has an 'l' and the 'mela' part means 'song'. I can completely see why people would think it was Philomena though as they are very similar plus I've never heard of anyone in real life with my version.

    Like your first explanation yorkieiron ;)

  • ooops, in all this time i've been looking at your name i've never noticed it actually has the 'l' in it - just shows our eyes will read what we expect to see, well from now on i promise to call you the correct name :-)

  • Jinglfairy- I read Philomela as Philomena for at least a week first!

    as for bouncy n giddy. I can be, when I don't have to be growed up and mummy to the monsters!

  • wow reading all the thought you put into choosing your username makes mien seem so boring, I simply chose Nimz as that is my nickname for many years and didn't even think to come up with something interesting, hehe,

    Philomena I really like your username


    x x x

  • hehe thanks everyone, it doesn't bother me when people get it wrong as a) can see why and b) it's not my real name anyway. Any version is better than 'you there' or 'you loser' etc lol - not that anyone's used either of those so far ;) ('you muppet' has been used, I think justifiably).

  • Great idea, don't think this has been done before.

    Love seeing the background to people's usernames such as

    *Jinglfairy, talking of Christmas Radio 1 had the Pogues Fairytale of New York on earlier

    *Yorkieiron, fab description there :)

    *Peaksteve, 7 years wow

    *Philomela, knew you'd say something like that

    Mine's some of my initials

  • *Philomela, knew you'd say something like that

    Like what, the classics or the music or both lol?

    I think the general conclusion here is that next time I should pick a username that's easier to spell... ;)

  • Ohh, Philomela, I'm guilty too. I vaguely remember noticing the 'l' at some point in the distant past and I might even have managed to use it a few times before backsliding.

    The trouble is, even now I've typed it knowing it's right I get this nagging feeling that I've misspelt it .......

  • I'm pretty sure I've missed the L at some point philomela mind you autocorrect is wry frustrating !!

    Some pretty clever username choices :)

    Happy 7th Mod Anniversary Peaksteve !! ;)

    I found it really hard to pick a username I had far too many childhood nicknames most of which I didnt like. The likes of Loobylou lucylocket ect are boring, my fav one became text speak for laugh out loud :( so that would seem odd then there was the embarssing: sicky vicky , floppy lil and so on ! Roundin it all up I picked lil from my clumsy nature and my height and tinx came from well I don't really know !!! Something to do with the fact I called tinkerbell tinxybell and I had just come home from Disney ! Oh the things we do when we are young !

  • I'm all boring too I'm afraid first joined forum at a time I was getting tired of handling my asthma and there you are!

  • Hey

    Might as well make my first post to this thread.

    hurcheon is an old name for 'Hedgehog' which I've been using for years for reasons that seemed silly at the time and thus worth acting upon

  • I am another boring one, my username came about because I was having loads of issues with my asthma at the time and a friend and colleague greeted me by saying hey its the asthma girl, so it stuck.

  • mine simply my nickname and the county i'm from.

  • Thanks to the steroids and other meds my face now looks like one of the Moomins!


  • I'm afraid I'm truly boring, its my name!

    I loathed it as a child but like it as an (suposed) adult :-)

  • I am afraid mine is just very boring and just used my very exciting name lol xx

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