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antibiotics and worsening of asthma following a virus


13 Apr 12


any ideas when one should take antibiotics? I'm confused my gp appears to think I request antibiotics when I don't truly have an infewction. All I know is at these times my Asthma has worsened significantly, I'm coughing up coloured mucous and feel ill.

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18 Apr 12


thanks both

This is how I've been operating - antibiotics in my cupboard and almost always going to gp when symptoms worsen as you both describe. however, now gp has not given replacement for the cupboard - just hope next post viral muckiness is not over a bank holiday... I'm a bit worried that gp will try and delay giving antibiotics until I'm really really unwell. Oh well will have to see how it goes.

Thanks again for your replies. Its good to know that i'm not the obnly asthmatic requiring antibiotics-



13 Apr 12


Hi, I would say if you dont feel well and coughing lots and puffed and reliever not helping and colourd mucus its time to see doc and antibs if he thinks you need them.xxx


13 Apr 12


Hi sandi! :-)

For me if I'm coughing up yellow/green/brown mucus my gp will always treat this as an infection and give antibiotics (i actually have spares at home now from the gp as he wants to treat any infection as soon as I notice a change in the mucus colour).

I know gp's don't like giving out too many antibiotics due to building resistance to them but normally if it affects your asthma they treat this quite aggressively (for me with antibiotics and steroids).

When you see your gp do you have your peak flow readings so you can let them know how its affecting your asthma?


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When you get the mucus is greenish. custard coloured that is usually a sign of an infection I usually take a sample to my local hospital, then I start taking amoxillin 500mg, I have emergency supply at home, But since end of march I have had constant chest infection and these have not cleared it up. Xrays shows still have infection in right lung. So GP now saying the amoxillin are not killing off the bugs. So now trying a different one.Its a bit hit and miss One sample I took down was clear yet that week I had chest xray and that showed an infection. But I think you will know when you are not well.

Hope this helps



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