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looking for eye wear for wee one

blairbearsmum 15 Apr 12 9:21am


My wee one is really bothered by pollen - and wearing sunglasses helps him - but on the days its not sunny he can@t wear them as its very dull - does anyone know where I could get a wee set of wraparound sunglasses for him that have very light lenses or even clear ones. He is 4



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charlie_warlie 17 Apr 12 10:14pm

Ebay maybe!!?? Might be able to get them pretty cheap on there xx

tj 16 Apr 12 8:48pm

Many cycling shops particularly and other sports have sunglasses with different lenses including clear ones specifically for dull days, worth a look around or online

wheezeybouncer 16 Apr 12 10:30am

it might be worth popping into specsavers or another optician and see if they can help. most sunnies are fairly dark.

Geina x

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