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Plumie/Joan UK

Joan UK sent a PM report to Webed:

Dear Administrator,

Joan uk wishes to alert you to a private message he/she has received. Their reason and the post follow below.



how on earth can someone get upset because I asked if she/he has a preventer inhaler?

I wonder how many other people plumie has told off using a private message

I won`t post again

Original message:-



to: Joan uk

date: 05 Oct 10 6:10

subject: Re: preventer inhaler

hi joan

i know you just had a fantastic recovery with asthma but can you please remeber some of us have been battling with asthma for years and the medical people cannot just cure us like you! It really is winding me up that you keep questioning are you on a preventer etc. I am on lots of treatment for my asthma. I know quite a lot on asthma and have an amazing hospital team that are fighting to make me well. Your message quite upset me! Please be careful.

The fighting for breath report is found on asthma uk home page if you care to look. or type it in the search part of the website

please be gentle with your story some of us have been trying for years!


Looking through the posts Joan seems to be very new to asthma and has suffered with persistent symptoms for years until recently when an AUK adviceline nurse advised her to ask for a preventer, whereupon she is now symptom-free. She hasn't been, I feel, particularly evangelical about it, or OTT. I feel Plumie's response is a bit out of order - I can see where she's coming from, but I think it's a bit off to shout at someone new via PM like this.

What does the team think?

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Had a message from Woody to say that Plumie is in a pretty fragile state at the moment and she is also pretty upset at what has happened.


Cath, I think I would remove the ""posted"" PM Plumies other problems means she does not always explain herself and a little reminder that because we sit behind keyboards people can't see that maybe you are smiling or joking.

I am around until I have done my midnight IV's



Was'nt it Woody who gave me dire night once, if so it might be worth having a gentle word and telling him not to ""flame"" on the site or by PM.

I am happy to tell Joan that I feel posting a PM even without naming is not good netiquette, she has used the report this post and we are looking into it.



It was indeed, Bex ;)

I think he recognises there is wrong on both sides, but it's difficult to put it across in a way that won't upset Plumie at the moment.

I agree on the surface this was an outright flame provoked by an innocent question but as always there is a huge undercurrent.


Speaking candidly, as I know I can here in the Staffroom, I have to say that I was utterly disgusted by Plumie's PM to Joan. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a ""you're not as ill as me so your opinion is valueless"" rant, and it's not nice or fair.

Joan hasn't named Plumie, so only the two of them (and anyone else Plumie has spoken to about it) will know the author of the PM. Because a number of people in the thread questioned how someone could get upset about being asked if they have a preventer inhaler, it seems within the bounds of decency for Joan to reproduce the offending PM.

I also take rather a dim view of the ""she's upset/fragile/whatever"" argument - if you're not in a fit state to deal with the message board, take a break. Plumie's PM is a flame, plain and simple, and I feel a warning is warranted.


I think it probably needs to be couched in an appropriate fashion, though...


Oh, absolutely. And it needs to be timely. But I don't want newbies being victimised because they ""aren't ill enough"".


Oh gods what a nightmare, we are standing behind you ready to prop you up. I am in the mean time doing research on Will18 as things don't stack up right.

Remember legally AUK ""own"" all PM's so if you want to remove it you are well within your rights to do so.



They both appear to have logged off for now, anyhow *breathes*

Would it be reasonable for a warning (in nice fashion) to Plumie, in an understanding fashion, but asking her to understand that new people may have a different perspective (and won't automatically know how to access use info re: meds, or know who have severe/brittle/difficult asthma etc) so not to flame people; plus a message to Joan to also put plumie's perspective across and advise re: nettiquette?

(Not proposing to do either of these things right now, I have a bed which is calling me very loudly indeed and my brain power is zip)


Cathy, I had a word with her a while ago about going into detail of ""her"" asthma and she did quite well for a while might have a ""not as a mod"" word with her tomorrow, she PM'd me and welcomed me back this afternoon so I do need to reply.


PS anyone know what the ""other"" health issues are she sometimes mentions


OK Bex thanks, that would be great if you could.

I know she's mentioned something in the past about mental health issues, can't remember if she may have been Asperger's of some description? But I think these are physical health issues, and I don't know anything about them I'm afraid.


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