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MDI directly into the mouth

As a respiratory nurse specialist working with children, I feel very strongly about the amount of patients who are not discourages (ie constantly being prescribed them) from using MDI into the mouth without spacer and the amount of articles, posters and leaflets etc showing adults and children using them.

Could we not have a consertive effort as respiratory professionals to inform asthmatics about this also to see a professional who know the reseach about the poor deposistion, for health care professionals to realise that there are other devices that will deliver a better deposition and that they aren't much more expensive in the greater scheme of things?

Any views?

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I'm trying hard to re-educate my patients on the ward and supply them all with a spacer but a care for the elderly and they are not always easy to re-educate. Other colleagues are also getting the message about supplying the patients with spacers now.


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