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Hey i really would like some advice please my asthma has been pretty bad lately and i saw my asthma nurse and she didn't listen to me or anything she just took my peak flow (380, my highest so far im meant to be 450) and all the days before that my peakflow had been at like 250 and i was so surprised.

Also when she said there was nothing she could do until i had seen the consultant but my appoinment isnt until the 3rd of febuary how am i going to manage? she told me if my peak flow is below 300 i should see her, but it is low in the morings(200-270) and high in the evenings(270-350) so how am i meant to know when to see her she said i can take a maxium of ten puffs every four hours but that doesnt seem to be doing the trick i nearly had an asthma attack in school it was that bad (i managed to control it though) im quite worried i don't think i can manage till febuary but the nurse said im NOT ALLOWED ANY TREATMENTS not even pred until i have seen the specialist what can i do? i would hate to have a bad flare up because i have been doing ok recently(7-11th jan) but lately i keep having mild to moderate flare ups! what can i do my peak flow at the moment is 325-240 what can i or should i do? i would like to avoid an attack or a hospital visit (im up to date with all my inhalers)

sorry for the rant but do docs and nurses care anymore?? i tried to discuss a care plan with my asthma nurse and she was just like ""no you don't need one"" well i do if i am trying to avoid a flare up! does anyone else feel angry about this or get treated in this way?? Also its really hard for me to as a non wheezer to tell when im bad but i have recently started to notice a wheeze on a deep breath out and in my nose at regular intervals this is'nt be a good omen (i never wheeze during the day or in attacks or even when i have symptom,s only at night and is usally contained by a few puffs on the easi breathe so i am understanbly worried ) but the asthma nurse would'nt even listen to my chest

im so annyoed

please reply and

thanks to all who reply

lots of love Amy xxxx

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Hi Amy

I am in the same suitation and is horrible, my asthma is being really bad, it has gone to severe and struggling to breath everday, even simple make me out of breath and tired like housework, and walking from one room to another, yet both my asthma nurse and doctor wont do anything, all they did was change me onto symbicort which is not working, the asthma nurse just takes my peak flow which is between 200-250 and is meant to be 450, and i am still trying to get a refferal, if you know your asthma is not right and you need help to control it then i would just say to keep on them untill they do somthing because they may be trained but that dosent mean they know your body and asthma and only you do, meaning you will know when somthing is no right, not them


Amy, I am sorry this is happening to you too. I am in a similar situation. My asthma nurse is very overworked & juggles lots of roles. I dont feel she understands MY asthma at all or my conerns. I can never get to see my actual Dr & have seen locums just lately. Although one of them gave me nebs & the other referred me I still feel they haven't really helped me as I struggle everyday. It amazes me how differing the care is for asthmatics as I hear of people having really good Dr's & nurses treating them & then there is us. Thinking of you.




thanks for your support im just really down at the moment i mean last time i wheezed (when i was a baby) i ended up on a ventilator for 4 days i want avoid this but it just keeps geeting worse and i running out of options i mean i could see my asthma nurse but al she will tell me is to take my inhalers and she can't do anything else( she does NOT UNDERSTAND MY ASTHMA) im lost for what to do here. im thinking of moving surgeries but the only other doctors says if you have a doctor already within the local area you cant change!!. But thanks all it means alot im glad i joined because i don't what it would be like struggling with this on my own thanks again your a great support and i hope everyone is feeling well loys of love

Amy xxx :)


Hi amy,

sorry to hear what you're going through.

It's not right being treated like that!

I'm a non wheezer (mostly) and when I go to see my asthma nurse when bad she always checks my chest, pulse and peak flow. Even if my pf is ok she listens to what I say about my symptoms as they can be more important than a pf sometimes!

Some health professionals seem to be fixated on the pf though.

A consultant has the biggest say in all this but delaying it could make you a lot worse.

Even if your pf is ok ish but you feel something is not right and you're struggling, maybe you should go to a&e.

I wouldn't delay it amy.

Wishing you all the best and hope you'll get better soon.

Love Lydia x


Hi Amy, Sorry to hear you are having all this hassle. I see from your profile you are 15 and I notice you dont mention your parents. Do you go on your own to appointments?


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