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once again confused and fustrated at asthma is there no end? honestly moved up to a higher dose on seretide no change and everytime i go to the doctor my chest is clear yet i still feel horrible and i really want my asthma to be under control for 2012 as i really want to take part in olympic torch relay.. but asthma is holding me and my training back could it be something else i suffer with ?? because ever since 12 i have had no rest sorry for the long rant im just fed up and have so many questions which cant be answered and also i want to extended my thanks to you all you have been so supportive and really helpful thanks soo much xx

Amy xx

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Hi Amy,

Completely sympathise with your frustration, especially the one about feeling rubbish but chest clear - been there!

Sounds like you do have a lot of things you need to ask, not sure I can help but maybe others can? However I can suggest you try ringing the AUK nurses, number at top of page. They've been very helpful for me in the past even with specific questions I wasn't sure they'd be able to help with. I suspect they'll also tell you, as I will, to go back to your GP and tell them that you're still struggling - perhaps a different one in the practice if you think your current one isn't helping. If you talk to the nurses here first they may well be able to make things a bit clearer for you and have some suggestions which you can then take to your appointment to get the most out of it.

Hope you get things a bit more under control soon. xxx


Hi Amy. I know where you are coming from. I thought I had an infection so went to gp and he said my chest was fine but he sent me for an x-ray to be on safe side and that was clear. Even so I always feel bad no matter what I do to try and feel better.

Try not to let things get you down and keep working towards that goal of running in the relay. Speak to your gp and asthma nurse maybe you need different meds.

Take care.



thanks to both of you! and i will try to contact nurses but its hard to find time and credit.... and seen3-4 different docs no use and thanks for all your support hope you both are well

Amy xx


Yeah hard to find time to ring nurses if you work/are busy same time as them, I have trouble with that. Also annoying as 0800 numbers not free on mobiles - there isn't a landline you could access for ringing them?

Once you do manage to get hold of AUK nurses maybe pick least bad of GPs and try again? Think sometimes they listen more if you come armed with expert advice from AUK.

Good luck - hope you do start to get things sorted, I know the feeling of not being sure where to go but there is advice out there and you will find it! xx


Hi Amy

I have absolutely no ideas that might help you find out what's going on with your asthma, but I really wanted to wish you luck getting it sorted out so that you can take part in the Olympic torch relay. Keep nagging and I'm sure you'll get there.


confused x10

Hi! I have read a lot of discussions and have realised that I'm not alone. I'm in the same boat! Doctors haven't been very supportive and it doesn't help. 3months ago I woke up with this heavy weight on my chest it felt like someone was sitting on me and i left hand had an unusual non painful cramp which would go away once I got up and walked around. I heaved violently that morning as if I was going to be sick. I thought to me self this doesn't feel like my asthma it feels like I've got flu coming on. So I went to a local clinic as I was out of the area and the nurse literally checked my throat then gave me penicillin (antibiotics). I took it because at that point I felt really bad. I then went home and continued the medication for a few days and began to feel that my stomach was tight and tender so I stopped the antibiotics and went to my doctors. I have been back and forth to the doctors since then for three months and in that three months this weight on my chest never left! I began to feel more weak and realised that actually it could be my asthma. I begged doctors for an xray and some blood tests and eventually got them! Results ofcourse show nothing. I have had a breathing rest done recently forgotten the name but it revealed that it was my asthma! I've been given a different pump to use which hasn't worked for me and I'm going back to the doctors to see if I can see a specialist because I've suffered so much in the last three months and its sad that its one of the most common diseases in the country yet doctors can't seem to make me better even though I'm a young healthy active person. Does any one have any suggestions for me and what do you think I should do next?


Thanks once again and im going back to see a specialist again on the foruth so im gonna try to make sure they hear me this time but i don't think they will take me serioulsy as i am young..... and ferda i understand and sympathsie i also had a spirometry that told me i had asthma but im still sceptical as even new meds aren't helping and i say to you to ask to be refferd to specialist mine has been helpful but i have only seen him 1 time but keep trying xxx and thanks :)

Amy xx


If you feel that you are not being heard then stand up to your GP, make a complaint to the practise manager, go see another GP or one that you have gotten on well with in the past, take in a family member, or friend - someone who is pushy and wants answers and knows how you are feeling.

I understand how you feel as I was there too, up until 2 years ago - I have had Asthma since in was 7, and i am now 22 - so I have been young through out the worst of it, without me, and my boyfriend pushing and making complaints i would most likely still be the ill, out of breath, lifeless, sad girl i was growing up. I am sick of young people being brushed off and not taken seriously - people DIE from asthma and other respiratory conditions both young and old and in most cases it is due to the GP overlooking things!

If you have had your dose increased and meds changed, maybe you need a full allergy test to define your triggers, also do you do a peak flow at home daily (boring as it is it does help the GP/Nurse)?

My asthma was sorted with a two week course of oral steroids, then switching from the brown steroid inhaler, to Seretide 250(dark purple) in haler, along with the blue one for extra support.

Now I take two puffs on Seretide at night and I dont have to worry, if i am poorly(Colds, etc) then I do need to use my blue inhaler, but only before bed - and I change to taking my Seretide one puff in the morning and 1 in the evening.

When i run out of my Seretide I'm straight back to how I used to be, up in the middle of the night on my nebuliser, struggling to suck it in! awful and truly scary - but GP's are crap for filling prescriptions a week in advance and if you try to take it in sooner your not allowed to fill it!

Hope you get it sorted, as you say may not be Asthma and this needs to be looked in quickly! Good luck! X


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