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Hi all! Would love a bit of benefit advice, or to see if anybody has been in this position.

So this has been an ongoing battle, but o cut a long story short I have been claiming Employment and Support Allowance for the full year now. After this time, apparently claimants should be well enough to return to full time work. Now, as every body knows, asthma is such a variable condition and it just doesn't work like this. I have sent in all my wage slips and I clearly don't earn over the threshold of £95 per week. Now, they completely stopped my benefits from 16th August and since then I havent had any payments nor any money. I have had the same job since I was 18 and i have a funny feeling the job centre are going to advise me to go onto job seekers which I am not prepared to do, and even though I am in much better health, I'm bot sure I full time work Woolf be suitable right now. I have been refused DLA before as I can walk far distances unless suffering from an attack which I understand. I work part time at the moment minus sick days!!!

Any advice would be fantastic as I have no idea what to do now :(

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I've not been in this position but I would think the best thing you can do is get Citizens Advice on to it for you. Someone there should know what you are entitled to and also how best to complete all the forms to make it happen.

Good luck.


Just been looking this up and see what I can suggest, its really REALLY unfair of them to expect you to be fit and well enough to return to work. All I can suggest is CAB or even getting signed off completely and getting Income Based. I have been on Income Based for a long time now and have had no problems at all.


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